Retiree Health Plan Benefit Tabs™

This is a summary of benefits and not a substitute for the Southern California IBEW-NECA Retiree Health Plan Summary Plan Description, and to the extent it differs from the SPD, the terms of the SPD will govern.

Important Note

Effective January 1, 2016, the Medicare Supplement Plan is not an option for retirees and their eligible spouses who are enrolled in one of the Retiree Health Plan options other than the Medicare Supplement Plan or who first become covered under the Retiree Health Plan on or after that date.

Medicare Supplement Plan

Under this option, you have prescription drug coverage and hospital and medical coverage.

Your primary hospital and medical coverage under this plan is through Medicare Parts A & B, in which you must be enrolled. This plan is secondary, providing supplemental coverage.

The Medicare Supplement Plan reimburses you for eligible charges not paid by both Medicare and other insurance plan(s) up to the maximum of $2,500 per year. The Medicare Supplement Plan will make reimbursement to you after Medicare and any other group insurance plans have adjudicated the claim.

Prescription drug benefits do not apply towards the $2,500 maximum.