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Retiree Health Network Providers

Medical Benefit Options

For the two HMO plans, you must use an HMO provider except in medical emergencies (as defined by the HMO) or when you are travelling outside of the area served by the HMO.

The Medicare Supplement Plan provides a reimbursement to the benefits you are entitled to under Medicare, subject to a maximum payment of $2,500 per person (employee or spouse) per year.

Chiropractic coverage: Kaiser and UnitedHealthcare use American Specialty Health Network for the chiropractic benefit.

Prescription Drugs

Citizens Rx (when enrolled in either the Medicare Supplement Plan).

When enrolled in the Medicare coordinated HMO plans (Senior Advantage or UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare Advantage) the prescription drug benefit is provided through the HMO provider pursuant to CMS guidelines.

Dental and Vision

Dental and Vision Benefits are only available to disability pensioners eligible for Medicare parts A and B under the age of 65. For those retirees, dental options and vision benefits are the same as for Active participants under the age of 65.