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About Us – Southern California IBEW-NECA Administrative Corporation – Pasadena, California

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Our Organization

The Southern California IBEW-NECA Administrative Corporation is a non-profit corporation that administers the participant benefit programs for Active and Retired participants and their dependents and beneficiaries. Benefits are provided pursuant to Collective Bargaining Agreements between IBEW Locals 11, 440, 441, and 477, and Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern Sierras NECA Chapters. The benefits are provided by the various Plans pursuant to the contribution rates established by the bargaining parties and eligibility criteria. The Plans are governed by the Boards of Trustees equally comprised of Labor and Management appointed representatives.

Administrative Corporation “Admin Corp” Services

The Southern California IBEW-NECA Admin Corp administers Health and Retirement benefits to Plan Participants within the jurisdiction of the various Collective Bargaining Agreements requiring contributions to the various Trust Funds administered by the Southern California IBEW-NECA Admin Corp. The Admin Corp presently employs approximately 50 employees to provide administrative services to Plan Participants, contributing Employers and Plan Professionals (Consultants, Counsel, Actuaries, etc.).

Mission Statement

Our Vision

We are dedicated exclusively to providing service to the Southern California IBEW-NECA Trust Fund Participants and uphold the core values—Knowledge, Accuracy, Care, and Quality—while serving each and every Plan Participant.

Our Values

  • Quality - The Board of Directors has established policies for the hiring of personnel by the Admin Corp to deliver professional, informative and quality service for the benefits offered by the various Plans.
  • Care - Professional and courteous interactions are essential in building trust and positive relationships.
  • Accuracy - The technology, applications and systems are tested and upgraded to ensure prompt, current and accurate information and reporting.
  • Knowledge - Training is a critical component of our profession. We monitor and adapt to the constantly changing legislative and industry requirements.