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Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan SPD


When Is My Eligibility for Benefits Terminated?

Your benefits under the Plan will terminate when your California Unemployment Insurance benefits terminate or if any of the following occur:

  • You have exhausted the 26 weeks of Supplemental Unemployment Benefits payable under the Plan; or
  • Your claim has been inactive for 365 or more days. All claims are "inactive" 365 days from the initial layoff or termination resulting in any payment of benefits. Your inactive claim will be closed and will not be re-opened under any circumstances. You will be required to re-satisfy the eligibility requirements to be eligible to begin a new claim; or
  • You begin receiving Social Security Administration benefits; or
  • You begin receiving Pension Plan benefits to which IBEW Local 11 or the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a party; or
  • You knowingly misrepresent or falsify any information or matter in connection with a claim filed for Supplemental Unemployment Benefits. You may be required to forfeit your rights to remaining benefits, refund overpayments or lose entitlement to any future benefits under the Plan.

If your eligibility for benefits is terminated for any reason, you must again satisfy the eligibility requirements for benefits based upon a new 12 month review period.

When you again meet the eligibility requirements, you will be entitled to a maximum of 26 weeks of Supplemental Unemployment Benefits subject to all other limitations of the Plan including but not limited to maximum benefits in a rolling 52 week period.