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Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan SPD


12-Month Review Period
Any 12-month period subsequent to June 30, 2013 and prior to the Participant's layoff, commencing with the first month immediately preceding the Participant's Layoff Date.

A legal document completed by the Participant, attesting to receipt of state unemployment compensation, availability for work and obligation to repay any payments made in error, which may be accepted in lieu of state unemployment compensation payment records.

Available for Work
A Participant, who has signed the corresponding IBEW Local 11 Referral Book upon layoff, is compliant with all IBEW Local 11 Referral Hall daybook procedures and is not disabled.

Los Angeles County Chapter, NECA

Collective Bargaining Agreement
A written agreement between the Union and the Association requiring contributions to the Trust.

Payments made or due to the Trust Fund by Employers, pursuant to the terms of the Trust Agreement, a Participation Agreement and/or Collective Bargaining Agreement on behalf of their Employees for work performed by such Employee.

Contribution Quarter(s)

  • January-February-March
  • April-May-June
  • July-August-September
  • October-November-December

Covered Employment
Work performed by an Employee for an Employer for which Contributions are required to be made to the Trust Fund.

Effective Date of the Plan
The date on which the provisions of this Plan originally became effective, January 1, 2015.

A worker for which an Employer is required to make Contributions to the Plan on his behalf.


  • Members of the Association; or
  • An employer who is required by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or a Participation Agreement to make Contributions to the Plan.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended from time to time.

Layoff Date

  • The date provided by the Employer on the severance notice; or
  • The date provided by the Electrical Training Institute (ETI) on the application for Supplemental Unemployment benefits.

Non Covered Electrical Employment
Means any kind of work which is performed:

  1. In the jurisdiction of any union whose members are Participants in this Plan or in the jurisdiction of any other local of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and
  2. On or after the date the Participant becomes a Participant in this Plan, and
  3. As an employee, supervisor, sole proprietor, officer, director, partner or corporate owner, and
  4. For an entity or as a sole-proprietor, partner or owner performing services in the same trade, craft or industry covered by the Plan, and
  5. Is not subject to a collective bargaining agreement between an affiliated local Union of the IBEW and the employer.
  6. Employment which is not subject to a collective bargaining agreement for an Employer who is signatory to a collective bargaining agreement with the Union or an affiliated local Union of the IBEW shall not constitute Non-Covered Electrical Employment.
  7. Any work or employment on or after the Participant becomes an Active Participant in this Plan for an electrical instruction program, electrical training program, or retail-based instruction other than an IBEW-NECA sponsored training program shall also constitute "Non-Covered Electrical Employment".

An Employee who has met the requirements to participate in the Plan. Eligibility for benefits is based upon the eligibility provisions of the Plan.

Participation Agreement
A written agreement between an Employer and the Board of Trustees.

The Southern California IBEW-NECA Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan, established by the Trustees.

Plan Administrator
The Board of Trustees, or entity delegated by the Board of Trustees pursuant to its authority under the terms of the Trust Agreement who is responsible for determining eligibility under the terms of the Plan.

Trust Agreement
The Agreement and Declaration of Trust that establishes the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Trust , establishing the Trust Fund and its rule of operation including all amendments thereto.

Trust Fund
The Southern California IBEW-NECA Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Trust Fund

Trustee, Trustees, or Board of Trustees
A person or persons designated by the Trust Agreement or appointed by a person or entity granted the authority by the Trust Agreement.

Unemployment Compensation Benefits
Means California Unemployment Insurance benefits paid in accord with California Unemployment Insurance Code Sections 1329 and/or 1329.5. Unemployment compensation benefits for purposes of this Plan are limited to the 26 payments within 52 weeks as set forth in California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 1281(b). For purposes of this Plan the term unemployment compensation benefits does not include; payments received for non work related disability (California SDI payments), paid family leave, federal-state extended benefits and any and all other provisions of the California Unemployment Insurance Code.

The Local 11 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.), AFL-CIO and any successors.