Defined Benefit Pension Summary Plan Description


To All Pension Plan Participants and Beneficiaries:

We are pleased to provide you with this Summary Plan Description (SPD) written in question-and-answer form. It provides a summary of the major provisions of the Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Plan (the "Plan"), a defined benefit plan, in clear, understandable, and informal language.

Following this SPD, there is the complete text of the Plan (the Plan Document), which you can refer to if you need more detail concerning the rules and regulations of the Plan.

The Plan is currently providing monthly benefits to over 6,050 retirees, Spouses and Beneficiaries. Through prudent financial planning, the Plan can continue providing for the future retirement security of Participants now in their working years.

The Administrative Office solely represents the Board of Trustees in administering the Plan and giving official information about the Plan on behalf of the Board of Trustees. No Union Trustee, Employer Trustee or Union employee is authorized to give official information, give any explanation, or make any agreements for the Board of Trustees.

In the event of a conflict between the information in the SPD and the Plan, the Plan will govern. The other controlling legal document is the Trust Agreement. Copies of the Trust Agreement may be obtained from the Administrative Office at a modest expense.

The Plan may be amended from time to time. The Administrative Office will notify Participants of amendments and other material modifications.

Some Plan provisions have changed as the Plan has been amended. Earlier provisions may be applicable when service has not been continuous or other circumstances, such as when a business transaction of a participating Employer or Local Union impacts benefits.

The Board of Trustees may make further revisions to the Plan to comply with Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations and to ensure the Plan remains qualified under the Internal Revenue Code. IRS funding rules contain provisions where benefit cutbacks could occur in situations where the Plan becomes significantly underfunded.

The answers contained in this SPD are based on a Participant whose service is continuous and who has been active up to the time of retirement. Exceptions will be noted in certain answers.

Please read this booklet carefully and discuss it with your family. We recommend you review the definitions in Article 1 of the Plan Document, as many of the terms used in this SPD and the Plan Document have specific meanings. If any details are not clear or if you have any questions, you can call or write the Administrative Office:

Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Trust Fund Administrative Office
100 Corson Street, Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91103
(323) 221-5861
(800) 824-6935 Toll-Free Nationwide
(323) 726-3520 Fax

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m., excluding holidays.


Board of Trustees
Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Trust Fund

The Board of Trustees of the Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Trust Fund is comprised of an equal number of Union (IBEW Local Unions 11, 440, 441 and 477) and Employer (Los Angeles County, Orange County and Southern Sierras Chapters of NECA) Trustees.