The Southern California IBEW-NECA Administrative Corporation is re-opening for walk-ins to Plan Participants, Employers and Plan Professionals

You agree to follow the Administrative Trust Funds Office policies as follows:

  • When entering the Trust Funds Office, you agree to have your temperature checked before entering the office. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, you will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • You agree to complete the Single-Point of Entry questionnaire. The Administrative Trust Funds Office will post the QR code on the Trust Funds’ website and a poster with the QR code will be available at the office for easy scanning. You may use your mobile device or tablet to log in and complete the questionnaire.
  • You agree to sanitize your hands before entering the premises.
  • You agree to make every effort to maintain social distancing by staying at least six feet away from other persons at the Administrative Trust Funds Office, and by obeying the signs and markers for social distancing.
  • You agree to wear a cloth mask or other appropriate face covering while at the Administrative Trust Funds Office, including common areas where others are present.

To avoid potentially long waits for walk-in visits, you may continue to handle your Trust Funds related matters by calling (323) 221-5861 or toll free at (800) 824-6935, or online through the Trust Funds’ website at Regular business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM.

Please rest assured that Administrative Trust Funds Office employees remain available and committed to assist you with your needs as quickly as possible.
Links to the Public Health Orders and Protocols:

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