Did you know you can add a link to our website to your smart phone Home Screen?


It's easy! Here's how:


  • Open web browser—Safari
  • Type www.scibew-neca.org in the address bar.
  • Click the box with the vertical arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the icon that says "Add to Home Screen"
  • Click on the word "Add" at the top right corner of your screen


  • Open web browser—usually Google Chrome
  • Type www.scibew-neca.org in the address bar.
  • On the top right of Chrome screen there are 3 dots – click on the 3 dots and click on the label "Add to Home Screen."
  • A message box pops up: "Add to Home Screen Title"; click on "Add"

You'll have an icon of our logo right there on your home screen to make access to your benefits just a touch away!

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