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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 1. Pro-Rata Benefits.

  1. Purpose. Pro Rata Benefits are provided under this Plan for Covered Employees who would otherwise be ineligible for a pension because their covered Hours have been divided between Covered Hours accrued under this Plan and Covered Hours accrued under another pension plan.

  2. Related Plans. The Board of Trustees may recognize another pension plan as a "Related Plan" if the Board of Trustees enters into a Pro-Rata Reciprocal Agreement with another pension trust fund. Recognition of Covered Hours under the Related Plan and payment of Pro Rata Pensions with respect to such employment will be governed by the reciprocity agreement between the Board of Trustees administering this Plan and the Board of Trustees administering the Related Plan, subject to the rules of this Article.

  3. Related Hours. The term "Related Hours" means hours of employment that are accrued under a Related Plan.

  4. Combined Hours. The term "Combined Hours" means the total of a Covered Employee's Covered Hours and Related Hours.

  5. Non-Duplication. An Employee shall not receive duplication of hours under this Plan and the Related Plan for the same period of employment.

  6. Eligibility for Pro Rata Benefits. An Employee who satisfies the criteria for a Distribution under this Plan shall be eligible for Pro Rata Benefits if he would be eligible for a distribution of his Individual Account under this Plan if his Combined Hours were treated as Covered Hours worked under the jurisdiction of this Plan.

  7. Application to Vesting and Breaks in Service. Related Hours shall be considered in determining whether an Employee has satisfied the requirements for vesting and incurred a Break in Service.

  8. Amount and Payment of Pro-Rata Benefits. The amount of the Pro Rata Benefits payable under this Plan is determined in the same way as the Payment of Individual Accounts at Early Retirement, Normal Retirement Age, termination of employment prior to Retirement, Disability or Death of the Participant is determined, based solely on the Covered Hours worked under this Plan and Individual Account established as a result.