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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 4: Break in Service.

A Covered Employee who is not vested in his Individual Account shall incur a Break in Service if the Covered Employee fails to work at least three hundred (300) Covered Hours in two (2) consecutive Plan Years. However, no break in service shall occur for any period in which Covered Employee engaged in the following:

  1. Military Service as provided in Article IX, Section 14, provided that the Covered Employee returns to Covered Employment or makes himself available for Covered Employment within one hundred twenty (120) days of his discharge from active duty and further provided that he reports the facts of his military absence to the Trust Office within one hundred twenty (120) days of his return to Covered Employment; or
  2. Continuous employment with an Employer within the geographic jurisdiction of a collective bargaining agreement between the Union and an Employer in a job classification not subject to the jurisdiction of the Union, excluding such employment in Uncovered Vesting Employment;
  3. Any period of Uncovered Vesting Employment which means employment with an Employer in a position not subject to a Contribution Agreement, provided the Employee was employed with the same Employer as a Covered Employee immediately preceding Uncovered Vesting Employment or immediately following Uncovered Vesting Employment; or
  4. Absence from Covered Employment due to the pregnancy of the participant, the birth of a child of the participant, the placement of a child with the participant in connection with the adoption of a child by the participant or for the purpose of caring for such a child for a period beginning immediately following the birth or placement for adoption. An employee who is absent from Covered Employment under this subsection shall be credited with eight (8) Hours per day of such absence, except that the total number of Hours credited under this sub-section 4(e)shall not exceed five hundred one (501) Hours. Hours credited under this sub-section are credited only for vesting purposes and a determination as to whether a break in service has occurred.

However, the provisions of this Sub-Section 4 shall not be applicable to any Covered Employee who first works one full or partial Covered Hour on or after July 1, 2002.