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You can enroll for the new Participant Portal experience. Click here for instructions on how to access the new Participant Portal.

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Contact Reference Sheet

Membership Services:
1 (800) 543-3037
Call for benefit information

Nurse Line 24/7:
1 (800) 700-0197
Call for 24/7 medical advice

LiveHealth Online - Virtual Doctor Visits

Doctor visits from your computer or mobile device are offered for non-emergency medical visits such as cold & flu, allergies and more, and psychological visits such as stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Anthem BlueCross Mobile App

Always have your Member ID card with you, estimate costs so you can plan ahead, track claims, check copays and deductibles, find a doctor or urgent care and get directions.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

If you are covered under the Medical PPO option, you have a choice between network and non-network providers. Choosing a provider in the Health Plan's network will help you save money.

Providers who are part of the Plan's network agree to charge discounted rates for their services. When you receive care from a non-network provider, the coinsurance you pay is applied to a higher non-discounted rate, which likely means higher out-of-pocket costs for you.

Before you visit any health care provider, always check whether or not the provider is in the network. To find providers in the PPO network visit

Your Primary Care Physician and other doctors aren’t the only types of providers who can be network or non-network providers. Labs, anesthesiologists and even entire hospitals may be outside of the Plan’s network. For example, when you get your annual physical from your PCP and he or she sends out a blood sample for tests, the lab your PCP’s office uses may not be a network provider. If you’re not sure if a certain provider is in your network, it never hurts to ask.

ID Card
Remember to carry your ID card with you. Important information is listed on your card. A sample ID card is show below.

Anthem ID Card Sample