Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan SPD


Amount and Duration of Benefits

In the event an eligible Participant is laid off work due to a layoff or reduction in workforce and is awarded unemployment compensation benefits, the Plan provides an additional benefit in arrears for each day of unemployment compensation benefits actually received. Available benefits may continue up to a maximum of 26 weeks (130 benefit days) in a rolling 52 week period beginning on the first day for which unemployment benefits are received. (California unemployment insurance typically will not initially commence until the 8th consecutive day of layoff.)

The current Supplemental Unemployment Benefit for an eligible Participant is $4.80 per each weekday the Participant has actually received unemployment compensation benefits to a maximum of $24 per week. The benefit is paid in arrears after filing of an appropriate application.

If you are rehired after initial layoff, then laid off again with unemployment benefits recommencing, additional Supplemental Unemployment Benefit may be applied for subject to the 26 week maximum duration.

Exception: No benefits shall be paid to any Participant for any day there is a strike or lockout under any of the four master collective bargaining agreements requiring contribution to this Trust Fund.

Payment of Benefits

Benefits are paid by check mailed by first class mail to your mailing address on file with the Fund Office.