Everything You Need To Know About Reciprocity

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Whenever you work in a jurisdiction other than your home local, you must apply to have contributions made on your hours worked transferred from a "Reciprocal Fund" (a benefit plan sponsored by a Local Union of the IBEW and chapter of NECA) in accordance with the Reciprocal Agreement to your home fund. To accomplish this, you must register on ERTS (the Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System), and you must present a valid photo identification at your Home Fund, the Participating Fund in which you have registered for work or an Assisting IBEW Local Union. You must agree both in writing and electronically (via ERTS) to 1) the legally binding effect of utilizing an electronic signature on ERTS and 2) an approved authorization and release regarding reciprocal transfers under the Reciprocal Agreement.

The URL for ERTS is https://erts.ibew.com/.

It is vital that you register in ERTS as soon as you start work in another jurisdiction. Various time limits may apply to the transfer of contributions should you not register in a timely manner. Also, the Plan that receives your reciprocal contribution may apply its own rules as to the crediting of reciprocal contributions. This could potentially have a negative effect on your vesting or eligibility for health benefits.

Reciprocity will remain in effect unless, and until, you complete a "Request for Cessation of Transfer" on ERTS. For further information regarding the procedure, please contact the Administrative Office.

The terms of the Reciprocal Agreement may be changed or amended from time to time by vote of the participating trusts throughout the United States.

Information from the DB Pension Plan Document and the Southern California IBEW-NECA Health Plan SPD will provide you with additional information.