New Features Allow You to Monitor Your Benefits Online

Earnings History: Your personal account pages will show all of the hours reported to the Plans since 2002. Your hours determine your eligibility for Health Plan benefits and Pension Credits.

Eligibility Information: Find out if you're covered and see a listing of your medical, dental, vision, and RX carriers.

Personal Data: You will be able to view your name, address, date of birth, email, and phone number, just as it appears in the Plans' records. If you need to change your contact information, you'll be able to do it right online. No stamps or envelopes required.

Dependent Information: Review each dependent's Health Plan information. Is the new baby covered yet? The answer will be just a click away.

Statements: Now you can view your annual and quarterly statements online.

E-Communications: Go Green and eliminate paper cuts by opting to receive Plan communications, statements, and notices electronically.

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