Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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11.1 Medical Body Scan Benefit

The Medical Body Scan Benefit is available to Participants and Eligible Spouses under the Southern California IBEW-NECA Health Trust Fund Active Summary Plan Description. The Medical Body Scan Benefit is provided exclusively at this time through Body Scan International ("BSI").

Each Eligible Participant and Dependent Spouse is entitled to one Medical Body Scan Benefit per calendar year. The Medical Body Scan Benefit is provided at no cost to Participants. BSI will submit your claim for the Medical Body Scan Benefit directly to the appropriate claim administrator: Coast Benefits, Inc. for HMO Participants; and Anthem Blue Cross for Participants in the Anthem Blue Cross PPO Plan.

To schedule an appointment for the Medical Body Scan Benefit, Participants must call BSI at (877) BSI-5577 [877-274-5577]. Please note that you must be eligible for coverage at the time of your body scan appointment to receive the Body Scan Benefit under the Plan.

BSI performs the Medical Body Scan examination at its offices located at 20162 SW Birch Street, Suite 100, Newport Beach, California 92660. In addition BSI will perform the Medical Body Scan examination at its mobile units which will be parked from time to time at various locations in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Please note that advance appointments are also required for Medical Body Scan examinations at the mobile units and the same restrictions apply in terms of eligibility.

BSI also provides other services that are not part of the Plan's Medical Body Scan Benefit. Please note that payment for those other services will be your responsibility since they are not covered under the Body Scan Benefit unless they are otherwise eligible expenses.

If you obtain a body scan through another provider (other than BSI), the Plan will not pay for any portion of the medical body scan examination.

If you have any questions regarding the Body Scan Benefit, please contact Body Scan International at (877) 274-5577 or (949) 717-4500. If you have questions about your eligibility for this benefit, please contact the Administrative Office at (800) 824-6935 or (323) 221-5861.