Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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10.1 Vision Service Plan (VSP) and Kaiser Vision Plan

If you are eligible for health benefits under the UnitedHealthcare HMO Plan or the Anthem Blue Cross PPO Plan provided by the Trust Fund, then you and your eligible dependents are entitled to vision benefits as described herein.

Participants and eligible dependents enrolled in the Kaiser HMO Plan are provided separate vision benefits through Kaiser and are not eligible for the Vision Service Plan coverage as described below, except that Kaiser HMO members are eligible for prescription safety glasses for employees only as explained herein.

A. Benefits

Vision Examination. A complete analysis of the eyes and related structures to determine the presence of vision problems, or other abnormalities.

Lenses. The VSP Providers will order the proper lenses (only if needed). The program provides the finest quality lenses fabricated to exacting standards. The doctor also verifies the accuracy of the finished lenses.

Frames. The Plan offers a wide selection of frames. However, if you select a frame that costs more than the amount allowed by the Plan, there will be an additional charge. If you order frames through a VSP doctor, you will receive a 20% reduction in the amount of the cost of the frames which exceeds VSP's allowance.

Contact Lenses. Contact lenses are in lieu of frames and lenses for your eligibility period.

Cosmetic contact lenses, when chosen by patients will have an allowance made toward their cost by VSP.

Prescription Safety Glasses. The plan covers prescription safety glasses for participants only.

Note: There is no coverage for Plano (non-prescription) safety glasses.