Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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4.13 Cancellation of Eligibility and Termination of the Hours Bank Reserve (Trust Agreement Non-Compliance and Contribution Reporting Requirements)

A Participant's eligibility and Hours Bank Reserve under this Plan will be canceled and he will not be entitled to further coverage under this Plan in the event that:

  1. The Participant continues to be employed by an Employer who ceases Contributions to this Plan pursuant to the termination of such Employer's Collective Bargaining Agreement; or
  2. The Participant becomes employed in Non-Covered Electrical Employment as defined in Section 1.16 of the Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Plan, or if the Participant becomes employed by an employer in the same industry as any Employer that contributes to this Plan and the Participant's employer is not a contributing Employer to this Plan or any IBEW-sponsored trust fund.