Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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4.12 Termination or Reduction of Coverage:

  1. A Participant's coverage will terminate on the earliest date of any of the following:
    1. On the date the Participant loses eligibility (including loss of eligibility as described under Article 4.7: Designated Working Members (DWM) and Article 4.11: Non-Covered Electrical Employment).
    2. Upon the termination of any coverage. For example, a Plan is terminated.
  2. The benefits for a dependent will terminate when the Participant's eligibility terminates or earlier when the Dependent no longer meets the definition of Dependent as provided above under Article 4.10: Eligible Dependents.

    Exception: If the termination is due to the death of the Participant, the benefits for his eligible Dependents shall continue until such deceased Participant's Hours Bank Reserve, if any, has been exhausted.

NOTE: None of the conditions identified above alter the provisions as set forth in Article 4.13: Cancellation of Eligibility and Termination of the Hours Bank Reserve that all coverage under this Plan is immediately canceled if (1) any Participant remains in the employ of an Employer that ceases Contributions to the Plan due to a cancellation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement or, (2) the Participant becomes employed by an electrical contracting industry Employer who does not contribute to this or some other IBEW Trust Fund.