Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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4.7 Designated Working Members (DWM)

Designated Working Members (also referred to as "Working Electrical Contractors or DWM") are working electricians who are owners, partners, or corporate officers.
To be eligible, the DWM must report and pay a minimum of 153 hours per month. Importantly, the annual maximum hours reported will be 2,500. (NOTE: The minimum of 153 hours per month must be reported and paid BEFORE proration. See Article 4.4: I.O. Health Reciprocal Agreement and Proration Under Certain Collective Bargaining Agreements for more information.)

For Example:
153 Hours Worked In
Gives Eligibility In
Limited to 2,500 reported hours per year

A DWM may decline initial enrollment. However, the DWM cannot request that the Plan accept contributions from the Employer on his or her behalf as a DWM until at least 12 months after the month in which the declination to participate in the Health Plan is received by the Administrative Office. All other contributions due under the Collective Bargaining Agreement are to be paid by the Employer, even if you decline to participate in the Plan.

If the DWM declines to participate during the initial enrollment period and later elects to participate in the Plan, the DWM will be limited to the medical and dental HMO options available under this Plan (refer to the section titled "Plan Options") for at least 12 months after becoming eligible. After at least 12 months of continuous participation in the Plan, medical and dental carrier changes, including a change to PPO medical and dental plans, will be permitted under the Plan's rolling 12-month open enrollment rule.

The eligibility of a DWM, will be canceled if such Employer is in non-compliance with the Trust Agreement contribution reporting requirements. The Administrative Office will provide a notice to the DWM that their Employer is in non-compliance with the contribution provisions of the Trust Agreement.

Effective the first of the month, following 45 days after receipt of such notice due to non-compliance with the Contribution provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements, the eligibility and Hours Bank Reserve will be terminated. If the delinquent payment status is corrected within the 45-day period, the Hours Bank Reserve will be restored.

The Hours Bank Reserve may not be utilized for continuing coverage during periods when a DWM finds other employment outside of the Plan and declines coverage available due to that employment in order to receive increased wages for that employment.

Note: DWMs are not eligible for subsidized COBRA benefits.