Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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3.7 Credited Hour

Credited Hours, Hours Worked and Hours means work hours reported under Covered Employment for which Contributions are actually received. Contributions for Hours Worked in Covered Employment received more than three (3) months subsequent to the month in which the hours were actually worked are credited to your Hours Bank Reserve in the month the Contributions were received rather than being credited as Hours Worked in the month the work was actually performed. These delinquent Employer Contributions are credited to your Hours Bank Reserve because various contracts with service providers prohibit the Fund from providing you with retroactive eligibility. The normal 600-hour limit for your hour bank does not apply to the extent the delinquent hours are credited to your Hours Bank Reserve.

The term Credited Hour and/or Hours Worked also includes any pro-rated hour that is worked by an Employee for which Contributions are paid to a Health Fund which is signatory to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Reciprocal Agreement to the extent such reciprocal Contributions are received by this Fund

Reciprocal Contributions, delinquent Contributions and Contributions received under certain Collective Bargaining Agreements are converted to hours under this Plan by dividing the monies received by the then existing hourly Contribution rate under the IBEW Local 11 Inside-Wiremen's Collective Bargaining Agreement. See Article 4.4: I.O. Health Reciprocal Agreement and Proration Under Certain Collective Bargaining Agreements for more information.