Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of September 1, 2017
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2.6 9th District Sound and Communications Agreement 45% and 50% Apprentices

  • Hospital/Medical Benefit
    • Alternate Kaiser HMO Plan Only
  • Prescription Drug Benefit Options
    • Citizens Rx
  • Advocacy and Assistance Benefit
    • MedExpert
  • Member Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Life Insurance/AD&D Benefits
    • Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company

The Board of Trustees recognizes that certain Sound Unit Apprentices (45% and 50%) receive contributions to the Plan at a substantially reduced contribution rate than that provided for other classifications of participants in the Plan, resulting in a significant proration of those contributions which effectively prohibited the apprentice from ever gaining eligibility.

A separate set of benefits are provided exclusively through Kaiser for the Sound Unit 45% and 50% apprentices only. Refer to Article 6.2: 45% and 50% Sound Apprentice – Kaiser Permanente for more information. None of the other benefits described in this SPD are available to eligible Sound Unit 45% and 50% Apprentices and their dependents. However, the non-benefit provisions, such as definitions, COBRA rights and appeal rights do apply.

Upon graduation to a 55% Sound Unit Apprentice level or higher, the hours remaining in the Hours Bank Reserve for the Alternate Kaiser Plan benefit will be transferred to the Active Hours Bank Reserve. The Participant will be transferred to the Active Kaiser HMO Plan of benefits and will remain enrolled in that plan for a minimum of 12 months and the participant will receive documentation from the Administrative Office regarding the additional benefits available at the time of transfer to the Active Kaiser HMO Plan.