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IBEW Local 11-LA NECA Retiree Health Plan
Summary Plan Description (SPD)


Question #1: Does the Medicare Supplement Plan take into consideration other group insurance plans to which a retiree or spouse is entitled?

Answer: Yes.  The Medicare Supplement Plan only reimburses you for eligible charges not paid by both Medicare and other insurance plan(s) up to the maximum of $2,500 per year.  The Medicare Supplement Plan will make reimbursement to you after Medicare and any other group insurance plans have adjudicated the claim.

Question #2: What drugs are covered under my drug benefit?

Answer: Generally most drugs which can only be dispensed under Federal or State law upon a written prescription plan.

Question #3: What drugs are not covered under my drug benefit?

Answer: Refer to the section entitled, "Exclusions: Applicable to both Walk-In Pharmacies and Mail Order Prescription Plans."

Question #4: Do I have to pay anything for prescriptions?

Answer: For a complete description of the prescription drug plan refer to the section entitled "Mandatory Prescription Drug Plan" as listed in the Table of Contents