Retiree Health Summary Plan Description
As of February 1, 2018
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ARTICLE 7: Medicare Supplement Plan PRIOR TO January 1, 2016

Participants who began coverage under the Retiree Health Plan prior to January 1, 2016 were eligible to elect coverage under the Medicare Supplement Plan.

This coverage is not available to Retirees and their Eligible Spouses who begin Retiree Health Plan coverage on or after January 1, 2016.

This Medicare Supplement Plan pays the annual Medicare deductibles, and the 20% not covered by Medicare, up to an annual Plan reimbursement of $2,500. The $2,500 maximum applies separately to each Participant and the Participant's eligible spouse. Participants covered under the Medicare Supplement Plan are entitled to prescription drug benefits through the Mandatory Generic Prescription Drug Plan.

To file a claim for reimbursement under the Medicare Supplement Plan, use the claim form provided by the Administrative Office or by Coast Benefits. Mail the claim form to:

IBEW-NECA Claims Administration
Coast Benefits, Inc.
3444 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108
Telephone: (800) 886-7559 or (619) 280-2009

Upon receipt of a fully completed claim form, Coast Benefits will process your claim and issue the applicable reimbursement within the time frame established by applicable federal regulations. For more information, please refer to Article 10.3: Claims and Appeal Rules.