Retiree Health Summary Plan Description
As of February 1, 2018
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6.2 MedExpert Advocacy and Assistance Services

MedExpert's advocacy and assistance services can help you make the most of your Retiree Health Plan benefits. MedExpert acts as a liaison between you or your Spouse and a medical provider or vendor.

MedExpert services complement Retiree Health Plan benefits during every stage of the healthcare process, by:

  • Locating the best healthcare providers within the Plan's parameters;
  • Connecting you with existing services, such as case management, disease management, wellness programs, community-based healthcare services, Employee Assistance Programs and other services;
  • Transferring Medical records; and
  • Providing assistance understanding and resolving insurance claims and other issues.

MedExpert does not:

  • replace health insurance coverage;
  • provide medical care or recommended treatment; and
  • duplicate key benefit plan provider functions.

MedExpert representatives may contact you or your Spouse to provide assistance with the services listed above. Your cooperation and assistance are greatly appreciated.

You can contact MedExpert by calling (800) 999-1999.