Retiree Health Summary Plan Description
As of February 1, 2018
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4.3 UnitedHealthcare HMO Plan

The UnitedHealthcare HMO features a network of independent providers and facilities that contract with UnitedHealthcare to provide medical services to Eligible Participants. To be eligible for benefits, you must utilize providers and facilities that are contracted with the Retiree Health Plan's UnitedHealthcare network.

The following plans are offered to Participants that choose the UnitedHealthcare HMO:

  • Participants under age 65 will be covered under the UnitedHealthcare HMO with prescription drug coverage through the Mandatory Generic Prescription Drug program (see Article 5: Mandatory Generic Prescription Drug Plan on page 25 for more information).
  • Participants age 65 and over will be covered under the UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare Advantage (HMO) with prescription drug coverage through the UnitedHealthcare Secure Horizons prescription drug plan.

To be eligible for coverage through the UnitedHealthcare HMO, you must live within a 30-mile radius of your primary care physician's medical group. To find out if you live in the UnitedHealthcare service area, call (800) 624-8822 or go to

4.3.1 UnitedHealthcare Online

UnitedHealthcare Online,, provides you with valuable assistance and information, including:

  • Finding a provider;
  • Printing member ID cards;
  • Customer service information and answers to your health care questions;
  • Helpful links to additional online health resources.