Defined Benefit Pension Plan Benefit Tabs™

This is a summary of benefits and not a substitute for the Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Plan Document, and to the extent it differs from the Plan Document, the terms of the Plan Document will govern.

Credited Service

In general, Credited Service is used to determine your eligibility for various benefits under the Plan.  Credited Past Service and Credited Future Service is also used in calculating your monthly pension amount for benefits accrued prior to 7/1/1982.  Vesting Service is used to determine when you are "vested" (have a guaranteed right to a pension):

Participation and Vesting

Active Participant:   In general, you become an Active Participant following completion of 750 total Covered Hours in the current and preceding Plan Years.

Inactive Participant: Non-vested Active Participant completing a Grace Period.

Inactive Employee:  Non-vested Inactive Participant who completes a Divesting Service Year.  An Inactive Employee is not entitled to any benefits from the Plan.

In general for this status, all Vesting Service and benefit rights will be forfeited when the number of consecutive Divesting Service Years (including Grace Periods) equals five or, if greater, the number of Vesting Service Years.

See also:
Special Service to avoid a Divesting Service Year.

Inactive Vested Participant: A non-retired participant who is not an Active Participant and who is Vested.

Vesting: participants who have accrued five Vesting Service Years (including at least one accrued after 6/30/1999), are Vested.

See also:
Vesting Rules if you have no Vesting Service after 6/30/1999